Wednesday, August 15, 2007

EclipseLink Update: Source checked in

We are happy to announce that under the Eclipse parallel IP review process we have checked the initial source contribution (Oracle TopLink) into the Eclipse SVN repository.

The EclipseLink committers are now busy resolving some open issues related to the switch to ANTR 3.0 and the default XML parser. When these issues are resolved and our build process fine tuned we'll produce a 0.1-incubation distribution for early adopters to work with. We expect this to be accomplished within next couple of weeks.

If you have any questions about EclipseLink functionality please send them to

Doug Clarke & Peter Krogh
Project co-leads


Mike Milinkovich said...

You folks should consider aggregating this blog to PlanetEclipse.

Just a suggestion...

AlBlue said...

You can't post to the mailing list without signing up for it first. Not a very good way of getting feedback from users.