Monday, June 9, 2008

EclipseLink 1.0M8 is available


We are pleased to announce that EclipseLink 1.0M8 is available for download. Please see the roadmap page for functionality that has been added since the M7 build:

Download the milestone and try it out here -

We are currently targeting a 1.0 release in July, and moving to RC Milestones every two weeks in preparation for this release.

Peter Krogh


DanGa said...

Someone already raised the question but let me do it again. It is nice to hear that milestone 8 is available but how can we install it.

Peter Krogh said...

The 'installer' is a zip file.

Unzip M8 to a clean drectory. The following links should help you get started using EclipseLink:

Peter Krogh said...

By the way, we also ship OSGi bundles that can be found further down on the downlads page.

Currently they are in a zip file as well, but our plan is to put them on an update site.