Monday, March 17, 2008

EclipseLink to provide JPA 2.0 Reference Implementation

We are very happy to announce that the JPA 2.0 (JSR 317) specification will have its reference implementation provided by EclipseLink. This is a natural extension of our work started with TopLink Essentials in GlassFish where we delivered the reference implementation for JPA 1.0.

The feedback received on TopLink Essentials from the community has been enthusiastic. To date it’s been distributed within the GlassFish, SunAS, OracleAS, JEUS (TmaxSoft) application servers as well as being included in the Spring Framework. This has put TopLink Essentials into many developer's hands and has lead to many requests for advanced functionality--functionality that was already provided in Oracle TopLink.

With the contribution of the full functionality of Oracle TopLink into EclipseLink and its selection as the JSR 317 reference implementation included with GlassFish, we can address these feature requests from our broad community.

For more information on this release and related materials:
As always we appreciate your feedback,

The EclipseLink Team

P.S. We will be at JavaOne where you can learn more about EclipseLink and GlassFish. We have an interesting session discussing how you can use EclipseLink with NetBeans (TS-5400: Developing Java™ Persistence API Applications with the NetBeansIDE and EclipseLink)


Wonseok Kim said...

Good news!
I hope EclispeLink and its JPA 2.0 implementation benefit developers who would like to use advanced features of ORM .
I am assured that this project will be rapid-developing and promising in this world.

Lars Tackmann said...

Great news - I you could then also push the some of the EclipseLink extensions into the official JPA standard then it would be even better. I for one is longing to see the following in JPA 2.0

- NamedProcedures: some JPA providers currentlly allows you to map procedures to nativ queries. Often resulting in tight restrictions about the procedure signature (only one OUT paramter...). Official support for this would be nice.

- Hibernate validation. This really is one of the best things about hibernate. Bean validation might be the ultimate goal, but for now I can settle with their pattern matcching functionality.

- Costum column/object converters. It would be nice get the ability to provide your own converters (ELUG already provides some of this). Examples include mapping 'Y'/'N' char values to booleans, or legacy valued enums to java enums (DB enums that does not fit with the ordinal/name mapping scheme).

Anyway keep up the good work (and please get your Maven repository back online).

Tom Ware said...

In cooperation with the folks at Eclipse, we have solved an issue some folks were seeing with the maven repository related to return codes when files were not found. A slightly updated Maven URL is available here:

Hopefully it helps.