Tuesday, April 7, 2009

SDO 2.1.1 (JSR-235) Releases with EclipseLink as the Reference Implementation

I am happy to announce that SDO 2.1.1 (JSR-235) has been approved by the JCP, and EclipseLink SDO is the reference implementation.

EclipseLink Download

Reference Implementation Download

SDO is a generic structure to represent data from many sources such as XML and relational databases, most commonly associated with SCA.

EclipseLink SDO was implemented as a thin layer on top of EclipseLink's object-to-XML layer (which is also the base for EclipseLink JAXB). EclipseLink SDO can be used alone, or as a means to expose POJOs as DataObjects so that components like EclipseLink JPA and JAXB can be used.

Accessing Relational Data as SDO DataObjects using JPA

Converting POJOs to/from SDO DataObjects using the POJO/SDO Bridge

Thank you to all of the EclipseLink committers that contributed to the SDO component.

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