Wednesday, June 24, 2009

EclipseLink in Galileo: Persistence at your fingertips

The Eclipse Galileo release signifies another important milestone for the EclipseLink project. The Galileo release makes EclipseLink 1.1.2 available and easier to use for the entire Eclipse community. Developers using the Java EE or Modeling Tools distributions of the Eclipse IDE will find EclipseLink included and available for use in Equinox OSGi, RCP, EMF, Java EE, and Java SE applications.

The EclipseLink 1.1.2 release includes a comprehensive set of persistence services:

  • EclipseLink JPA: Java Persistence API support for object-relational mapping with many advanced mapping, performance, and scalability features targeting Java EE, Java SE, and OSGi usage with Equinox specific extensions.
  • EclipseLink MOXy: Object-XML Binding (JAXB) support including advanced mappings, meet-in-the middle mapping without annotations, and pluggable parser support for optimal performance.
  • EclipseLink SDO: Service Data Objects 2.1.1 reference implementation including a Data Access solution for integrating JPA entities with SDO.
  • EclipseLink DBWS: Database Web Services solution enabling the generation of JAX-WS services based on relational metadata harnessing EclipseLink's JPA and MOXy capabilities.

EclipseLink for Java Developers

EclipseLink's inclusion in the Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers combined with the extended support in WTP's Dali Java Persistence Tools project allows developers to start building JPA enabled applications quickly and easily. The Dali integration allows developers to optionally select EclipseLink as their JPA implementation and have it automatically added to their project classpath. This support along with Dali's rich validation and intelligent code assist provide a highly productive environment for developing, testing, packaging, and deploying JPA enabled applications.

EclipseLink for Modeling

The Eclipse Modeling Tools package of the Eclipse IDE includes the EclipseLink JPA feature and Teneo's EMF/EclipseLink integration. Teneo's EclipseLink support provides tools to generate JPA mappings from an EMF model or simply map their EMF models to a relational database. It also extends EclipseLink JPA with transparent runtime support for persisting EMF models. This out-of-the-box support for JPA persistence for EMF models will simplify the development of RCP and Equinox applications that leverage relational databases.

EclipseLink for RT

The EclipseLink project is also available as part of the Galileo update site under the EclipseRT Target Platform Components allowing developers to leverage P2 for provisioning of their Equinox (OSGi) environments. The provisioning allows developers to select the persistence services they require; JPA for object-relational, MOXy for Object-XML binding, or SDO for Service Data Object usage and have the necessary bundles downloaded and setup in their target platform environment.

Please download Galileo and try out the new EclipseLink capabilities. Provide us feedback on your experiences through our newsgroup.

The EclipseLink Team

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